About Us


Healthy Me Healthy Communities is a social-enterprise formed in 2012 and trading since September 2013 and operates as Company Limited by Guarantee with a Board of (volunteer) Directors. Healthy Me Healthy Communities strategic vision is:

“Enabling people to improve their own and communities' life expectancy and quality of life by reducing health and life inequalities, resulting in health and social-care savings.”

With a strapline of:

“Everyone enjoying a long, healthy and happy life”

HMHC Strategic Aims

1.   Increasing local resources, assets and social-networks for healthy communities.
2.  Increasing economic independence with local people fulfilling their potential.
3.  Improved self-reliance, prevention and self-care of long-term health conditions and mental well-being.
4.  Improving the participant's experience and satisfaction of our services.
5.  Developing organisational excellence with strong governance and leadership.

HMHC Model for Improved Health Outcomes

This is achieved through our tried and tested services.

Our services provide people with the toolkit they need, resulting in more people enjoying a long, healthy and happy life, and making resourceful communities for everyone.

So everyone can say:

✔ I will live long and live well
✔ I will have a happy life
✔ I will fulfil my potential
✔ I will be part of my community
✔ I will be in control of my health and well-being

For more information read our latest Annual Report and Business Plan

“I know how I should be reducing my salt and sugar - people from my country add a lot of sugar and salt to cooking but I have learnt it is already in UK food.” Sheba, Cookery Champions